About Darin Carter

Learn About Darin Carter’s illustrious career in Internet marketing which spans over two decades, marked by innovation, leadership, and a deep understanding of the digital landscape. Since 1999, he has been a force to reckon with in areas like search marketing (SEO & PPC), affiliate marketing, social media, online reputation management, and lead generation.

Darin’s journey began in 1996 as the President of InnoTech, Inc., where he focused on high-end computer network deployments for major DME companies. By 1999, he was pioneering affiliate marketing as the first affiliate manager for onResponse, Inc., overseeing affiliates that generated over $250,000 monthly.

In the early 2000s, Darin Carter played a pivotal role in the evolution of CitraCom.com, Inc., transitioning from Director of Business Development to CEO/President. Under his leadership, IQSeek.com transformed from a meta-search engine to a top 10 PPC destination, standing out among 600+ PPC engines.

Darin’s expertise was further showcased when he doubled the annual revenue of Baby Universe, Inc. from $16 million to $32 million as their Marketing Director in 2006. His insights were also sought by Omniture, Inc., where he sat on the Customer Advisory Board in 2007, guiding the UI for the Omniture Search Center product.

His personal blog on search marketing started in 2007, is a testament to his prowess, as it consistently ranked on the first page for “search marketing.” As the 2010s rolled in, Darin’s leadership roles expanded, from being the CEO/President of Internet, LLC to managing a $1,000,000 monthly marketing budget as the President of Universal Domain Group, Inc.

At BMI Elite/BMI Ventures, Inc., Darin’s vision transformed the company from an email marketing entity to a full-fledged digital advertising agency, growing the team from 20 to over 75 professionals.

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In 2013, Google recognized Darin’s forward-thinking approach, selecting him as one of the first 8,000 beta testers globally for the Google Glass Project. Subsequent years saw him leading marketing efforts for The Addiction Advisor and LAXWorld.Com, further solidifying his reputation in the industry.

With a staggering oversight of over $300 million in online marketing spend over 24 years, Darin’s influence is undeniable. Media giants like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, and HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver have highlighted his insights and achievements.

Darin Carter Interview on NBC WPTV Channel 5 News
Darin Carter Interview on ABC WPBF Channel 25 News
Darin Carter on HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Darin’s accreditations are a testament to his expertise and contributions: Google Technology Beta Tester, Google AdWords Professional, Yahoo Ambassador, Microsoft AdExcellence Member, Rackspace Partner, SEMPO Member, and Omniture Customer Advisory Board Member.

Darin Carter with Google Glass