This is a great contest, and only ShoeMoney could come up with this one.

I would love to win this contest because honestly I haven’t been to an Affiliate Summit Conference EVER!

I have gone to many conferences, but Affiliate Summit is one that I have always missed because of some crazy problem or issue, and if I were to win, to be at my 1st Affiliate Summit and rolling with Shoe would be an honor! (Come one Shoe, POP my Affiliate Summit Cherry) LOL!

So now for the Gamble, If I win, I would actually take the $1,000.00 Cash and have ShoeMoney pick out a Charity and give it forward! (No reason giving a Casino in Vegas MORE MONEY!)
OR Work with AzoogleAds and use the $1,000.00 to promote an offer of their choice, using my “MASTER” SEM / SEO Skillz !!! (LOL!)

I am a gambler, however this package is full of enough to keep me happy. Just chilling with Shoe would be enough of a Prize!

Thanks Jeremy for the Opportunity and Thanks Azoogle for going along with the Crazy Idea!


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